Learn How To Discipline Your Kid

“PUNISHMENT DOESN’T WORK” says trainer at Workshops for Parents

We want our children to learn from their errors and not reiteration them. So the best  way is to send them to the thought  or  let them rack up their mind  “think about what they’ve done.” And they’re going to keep doing the similar behaviors despite the punishment. So how do you know how to rectify your child?

We link the term “discipline” with punishment. But the word “discipline” from comes from the Latin word “disciplina,” which means “to teach, to learn” That’s the key to correct our kids’ behaviors – giving them the tools they need to learn a behavior. When we punish for their mistake, it doesn’t help our child absorb how to make the best next time. Everyone dislike being ordered around – punishment can lead to struggles for power, and, our kids know this poor behavior gets them kindness, they’ll keep doing it.

When it comes to disciplining your child, we can stress on three aspects: giving them optimistic attention they need , taking time for preparation, and setting limits and cling to them.


Seal the Kindness Bag – 

Kids need attention simple. If we don’t keep that “kindness bag” full with positive attention, kids will seek out any attention they can get – even bad attention. They’ll thrust our keys with negative behaviors because to a child, even negative attention is better that no attention at all. This doesn’t mean you have to be at your child’s side. Spare a day to spend individually with your child, free from disruption and this will secure huge rewards in their behavior.

Workshops for Parents suggests, that take 10 minutes once or twice a day with each child playing a game they’ve selected or reading their best comic. Let the phone ring. Put the cell phone in the drawer. Workshops for Parents  explained that when you pay attention to your child’s baskets really  your kids will become more cooperative. Life is hectic for all and finding more time in the day may be difficult at first, but think of this as an asset in your relationship with your kids and in refining their behavior.


Train them – 

As you think about how to discipline your child, it’s vital to remember that the word discipline is fixed in meanings of learning and teaching. The best way to discipline your child is to help her have better option. You can role play the behaviors with your voice “I’d  like to play with that bus when you’re done.” “I’d like chocos, please.” Change roles and make-believe you’re the child, and let your child direct you through making better options. Be optimistic. “I see you worked hard to stack up the blocks all on your own! That’s such a big help. I really liked it.” “Thank you for being so kind with your brother. How kind!”


Set Parameters and Follows Them – 

Kids blossom when they know their boundaries. Don’t be rigid with rules, but focus on what’s most important for your child Have clarity about the rules and also is aware of consequences. – If they forget to stack their blocks, they have to stack it. Cleaning their room because they didn’t do their homework isn’t related. Be uniform. Follow through each time with the agreed-upon result when kids push the rules.

According to Workshops for Parents – Remember that knowing how to discipline your kid is embedded in helping them learn how to make the correct option, not punishment. Be firm and give them the attention, rules and limitations they require.

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